COVID-19 vaccinations for VPU students

Due to the order of the vaccinations undertaken in Poland, there is a possibility for medical students (Nursing and Physiotherapy) of our University to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.
All those who would like to be vaccinated are kindly asked to send in the declaration to the email:
with the following statement:
“I hereby declare that I wish to be vaccinated as a Vincent Pol University student of degree programme.
Name and surname
Passport Number
Telephone Number”
Kindly note that most of the medical facilities will consider the vaccinations a must and a requirement to undertake practical training and practical classes conducted at hospitals. Therefore, while it is entirely up to you we are obliged to inform you that all of the hospitals with which we cooperate will not allow you to enter their premises without the vaccination.
The deadline to send in your declarations is January 12th.
Should you have any questions related to the COVID-19 vaccinations, kindly send us an email to:
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