Rektor’s Ordinance No. 205

dated November 30, 2021



Based on Article. 23 (1) and Art. 51 sec. 1 of the Act of July 20, 2018 – Law on Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 478, as amended) and after open debate with employee representatives and the student government, it is hereby ordered:


1. In order to properly organize classes outside of University, students of medical degree programmes (Nursing and Physiotherapy) who must attend practical or clinical training in specialized facilities should voluntarily show:

– vaccination certificate, or

– certificate of sufficient antibodies count, or

– a certificate that confirms they cannot comply with the vaccination recommendations whether it is for permanent or temporary health contraindications, or

– the current negative test result.

2. For students who, for various reasons, will not submit aforementioned certificates referred to in section 1, and who cannot participate in classes conducted in health care institutions, the University will organize practical classes at a later date once the specialized facilities will allow it.

3. Students of the degree programmes not listed in section 1 participate in classes on the basis of general principles applicable at the University, in compliance with regulations aimed at preventing and counteracting the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

4. In order to properly organize work, taking into account the principles of preventing and counteracting the spread of the COVID-19 virus, University employees (academic teachers and employees who are not teachers) may voluntarily present the certificates to the human resources department, as mentioned in section 1.



1. Ordinance No. 204 of November 22, 2021 is repealed.

2. The regulation comes into force on the day it is signed.



prof. dr hab. Witold Kłaczewski

Vincent Pol University in Lublin