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Students undergo their practical training at schools. They acquire the skills in influencing pupils’ physical and mental development, and gain invaluable teaching experience. Students are also required to participate in sports camps. During a summer camp students can improve their swimming and lifesaving water skills, participate in sailing, canoeing or bike tourism classes and attend special lectures. A winter camp includes skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding practical classes, as well as lectures.

The graduates of Sports Science BSc have sufficient qualifications for teaching physical education in primary schools, and working in educational institutions, social organizations, local government organizations, sports clubs, recreation and fitness centres. After completing additional courses the graduates can also work as sports instructors, referees or professional trainers.

Administration fee (non-refundable) – 200 Euro

Tuition fee (per year) – 2400 Euro

In order to make a transfer for studies conducted in English you will need the following transfer details:

Name: Wyzsza Szkola Spoleczno-Przyrodnicza / Vincent Pol University

Name of the Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Bank Address: ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 37, 20-950 Lublin, Poland


Foreign currency account – held in EURO

Beneficiary’s Account No: PL 81 1500 1520 1215 2009 1373 0000

Foreign currency account – held in USD

Beneficiary’s Account No: PL 58 1500 1520 1215 2009 9858 0000

Full costs of transfer are on the Student’s side. The university should receive full fees.

General Entry Requirements:

International students applying to our University have to submit documents confirming their graduation from a secondary school or a university. Certificates and diplomas issued abroad must be officially legalized and recognized in Poland.

Language requirements:

International students must submit a document confirming their knowledge of English, or are required to a attend an English language course. This requirement does not apply to students for whom English is a native language or was a language of instruction at school.

International students should demonstrate that they meet one of the following minimum language requirements:

TOEFL test with a score of at least 550,

IELTS test with a score of at least 6.0 for Bachelor and Master studies,

FCE test with grade B.


• Pedagogy
• Psychology
• Foundations of methodology teaching
• Voice emission
• Safety at work
• Intellectual property protection
• Information technology
• Anatomy
• Anthropology
• Biochemistry
• Physiology
• Theory of physical education
• Kinesiology
• Biomechanics
• Health education
• Corrective and compensatory exercises
• History of physical culture
• Methodology of physical education
• Organisation and law in education
• Theory and methodology of sport
• Rhytmics and dance with methodology
• First aid
• Games involving physical movement with methodology
• Health training
• Gymnastics with methodology
• Athletics with methodology
• Swimming with methodology
• Basketball with methodology
• Football with methodology

• Handball with methodology
• Volleyball with methodology
• Team sports – Kortfball/Floorball/Futsal
• Foreign language
• Foundations of biology
• Ethics
• Elements of european history
• Individual recreational sports (karate, tennis, fitness, nordic walking, cheerleaders)
• Basics of research methodology
• Diploma seminar
• Preparatory practical training in elementary schools
• Practical training – conducting classes


• Instructor specialization
• Dietetics and supplementation
• Biological regeneration and massage
• Management of sport and recreation institutions
• Bases of physical exertion physiology
• Injury prevention in sport science and sport
• Practical training in a fitness club/school/ 270 hours

Summer Camp includes:

• Swimming in open waters with elements of water rescue
• Canoeing
• Field games
• Hiking
• Sailing
• Swimming technique

Winter Camp includes:

• Skiing
• Snowboard
• Cross-country skiing
• Winter plays and games

Sport Science is a field of study examining the functioning of a healthy human body under the influence of exercise, training, and many other stimuli, and the ways of promoting health by means of physical activity. It is a multidisciplinary field of study, including such areas as Physiology, Psychology, Anatomy and Biochemistry.

The main aim of Sports Science BSc degree programme is to educate highly qualified specialists of sports science, endowed with broad theoretical and practical knowledge concerning physical education, sport and health promotion.

Our 3-year full-time Sport Science BSc degree programme involves both practical and theoretical knowledge of sports science. The classes and lectures are taught in professionally equipped labs, by experienced and highly qualified teaching staff employed in the best academic centres and by professionals working in various businesses.

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Basic Summary

BSc Sport Science

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

The mode of studies: Full-time

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

Language of instruction: English

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

ECTS Credits: 180

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