Application procedure

If you want to study or have traineeships as Erasmus+ student at Vincent Pol University, you should first contact the Erasmus coordinator at your home university, and ask to be nominated. Then your home university coordinator should send us an official message – nomination.

Fill Erasmus Application Form and print it. Complete applications should be sent by email Emailed applications are acceptable and there is no need to send hard copies. All applicants who apply for studies (SMS) should include a recent Academic Transcript with their application document.

Application form (SMP) traineeships Application form (SMS) studies

Acceptance documents will be sent by email from the International Relations Office when applications have been approved by the relevant department.

Contact with your home Erasmus coordinator and with the VPU Erasmus coordinator to prepare or consult your Learning Agreement. Send your LA to the departmental coordinator.

Please remember to consult with the departmental Erasmus coordinators from your home University (sending university) and from Vincent Pol University (receiving university) and send them Learning agreement for their confirmation.

Vincent Pol University in Lublin
Wyższa Szkoła Społeczno – Przyrodnicza im. Wincentego Pola w Lublinie

address: ul. Choiny 2, 20-816 Lublin, Poland

Erasmus Code: PL LUBLIN08

PIC 949668801

Erasmus+ University Coordinator

Phone +48 81 740 72 40

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