The Authorities

The Authorities of VPU:

• Rector: prof. Witold Kłaczewski, Ph.D.
• President and Founder: doc. Henryk Stefanek, M.A.
• Vice President for International Studies: Dorota Stefanek – Langham, M.A.
• Vice President for Administration: Mateusz Stefanek, Ph.D.

Faculty of Health Sciences


• Dean – Marian Przylepa, M.D., Ph.D, prof. at VPU


• Vice-dean – Małgorzata Gorzel, Ph.D., prof. at VPU
• Vice-dean – Maria Sokołowska, M,D.


Faculty of Social Sciences


• Dean – prof. Leopold Dolecki, Ph.D.


• Vice-dean – Waldemar Jurkiewicz, Ph.D., prof. at VPU
• Vice-dean – Mariusz Korczyński, Ph.D.

• Head of the Physical Therapy Department – Zbigniew Kędzierski, M.D., Ph.D, prof. at VPU
• Head of the Sport Science Department – dr. Paweł Ostrowski
• Head of the Tourism Department – Katarzyna Nieleszczuk, Ph.D.
• Head of the Hospitality and Catering Department – prof. Rafał Nadulski, Ph.D.
• Head of the English Department – prof. Jerzy Kutnik, Ph.D.