B1 level language course with an exam confirming the knowledge of the Polish language in the EU

B1 level language course with a final exam for people who would like to apply for a long-term residence permit in the European Union

A person who completes the course and passes the final exam receives a language certificate. The certificate issued by Vincent Pol University is a document which confirms the knowledge of Polish at B1 level of proficiency and can be submitted in the application process for a long-term residence permit (see: the regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 31 May 2023).

The course covers 2 modules B1.1 and B1.2. Each of the modules consists of 60 45-minute lessons (in total 120 lessons). A course participant may take the final exam after completing only the first module.

The frequency of meetings depends on learners’ needs.

We grant our learners content-related supervision of the course.

We offer online classes, in-person learning or hybrid classes.

The classes start when at least 6 people apply for the course.

One module costs (B1.1 or B1.2) 1500 PLN


e-mail: osrodekjpjo@pol.edu.pl, awp.jpjo@gmail.com
phone: 663 558 100
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