Admission Procedure

⍈ Step 1 Choose a study programme suitable for you

⍈ Step 2 Check and meet the entry requirements applicable to you

Detailed information on formal and language requirements is available under the tab “Admission Requirements

⍈ Step 3 Submit your application

There are two ways to submit your application documents to the International Admissions Office of the University.

You can apply on-line accordingly to the instruction by filling in the application form and submitting the scanned copies of required application documents as below:


Scanned copies of Diplomas/Certificates and  Transcripts of the former education
Scanned copies English Certificates
Scanned Passport copy (page with personal data)
Scanned Photo
Scanned Application Form

You can also send all the above scanned documents to infoenglish@pol.edu.pl for verification and initial registration.

Please note in both cases Originals of the documents should be delivered personally to the University after arrival.

⍈ Step 4 Wait for the final decision about your admission.

If your application meets university’s requirements, you will receive a scan of Offer Letter by e-mail. You should check your e-mail regularly. If you accept our offer, and agree to follow the rules of the University, please sign the Acceptance of Offer and send it back together with the confirmation of administration fee payment (this fee is non-refundable) to infoenglish@pol.edu.pl. Payment details are included in the Offer letter.

In the meantime, click here for more information about our fees.

⍈ Step 5 Choose suitable accommodation

International students may apply for university accommodation in one of TBV company’s dormitories: ALFA, DELTA or OMEGA, which are all located near the city centre. There are single rooms and double shared rooms available. They may also look for private accommodation on their own.

Please inform us about your accommodation preferences, because when you decide to live in a dormitory and sign your Offer Letter, we immediately inform TBV company, check the room availability and reserve the place.

⍈ Step 6 Confirmation on your enrolment

After receiving your signed Acceptance of Offer and the confirmation of your payment we will send you the Final Acceptance Letter and the support letter to the Polish Embassy. These documents are necessary to apply for the visa.


⍈ Step 7 Apply for your visa

It can take several weeks for your visa to be processed so you should make your own arrangements for student visa in good time to start the course promptly.


⍈ Step 8 Welcome to Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland!

When you come to Poland, please make sure that you have the originals of all the required documents, because you need to submit them. If you have any questions concerning admission procedure, please contact infoenglish@pol.edu.pl.


International Admissions Office


ul. Choiny 2,  20-816 Lublin, Poland,Room No. 43


Contact Person:

Monika Wróbel MA
Head of International Admissions Office

‏‏‎Phone: +48 81 740 25 04


E-mail: infoenglish@pol.edu.pl


Office hours: Monday – Friday 8 A.M. – 4 P.M.

Application Deadline

October 2023 Intake:
‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎
15 September 2023
for candidates from EU countries
31 August 2023
for candidates from non – EU countries
‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎
March 2024 Intake:
‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎
15 February 2024
for candidates from EU countries
31 January 2024
 for candidates from non – EU countries
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