Another golden medal for our student

Two gold medals in the Academic Championships of the Lublin Voivodeship in powerlifting – such is the success of the student of physiotherapy at the Vincent Pol University, Anastasia Reutova.

The championships among students took place last weekend in Lublin. Anastasia Reutova, a first-year student of physiotherapy at VPU, won twice in the powerlifting dual in the weight category up to 70 kg and in the open category, that is with all female competitors.

The competitors measured themselves in the weightlifting competitions of deadlift and bench press.

I achieved a score of 155kg in the former competition and 72.5kg in the latter. A total of 227.5 kg. I’m happy with this result, but I’m not resting on my laurels. In May, another competition, this time the academic triathlon championships, and I will be preparing for it, – Anastasia announces – I hope for an even better result, because it can always be better.

She has a positive approach to training and regular exercise.

Such a positive attitude helps a lot in achieving goals,” .

emphasises Anastasia

Let us remind you that a few days ago our student took first place in the XPC World Cup competition in power triathlon. The competition was held last Wednesday in Siedlce. They are organised by the XPC Federation (from Extreme Powerlifting Coalition) and are very popular.

About her other achievement you can read here:

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