Mobilities of people with fewer opportunities

In accordance with the guidelines, the Erasmus+ programme aims to promote equal opportunities and equal access, social inclusion, diversity, and equity in all its activities. People with fewer opportunities are at the heart of these objectives, and therefore the programme offers appropriate mechanisms and resources to these organisations and participants.

Co-financing in the form of a lump sum rate may be granted:

  • to students going to study or practice, who have the right to receive a social scholarship confirmed by the University,
  • students with disabilities who possess a disability certificate and are going to study or practice;
  • workers with disabilities who have a disability certificate, and who are leaving in order to conduct classes or for training purposes.


Co-financing in the form of real costs, on the basis of a separate application submitted to the National Agency before the start of mobility, may be granted:

  • to students with disabilities and with a disability certificate who are going to study or practice;
  • employees with disabilities who possess a disability certificate and leave for classes at a partner university or for training purposes.

The amount granted for expenses directly related to disability is accounted for as actual costs, requiring documentation in the form of financial evidence. Costs should be adjusted to the real needs of the type of disability and realistically estimated.


A person with a disability, hereinafter referred to as a ‘mobility participant’, undertaking mobility under the Erasmus+ financial agreement KA131 is entitled to receive an additional amount in the category ‘inclusion support for participants’ for costs directly related to disability that exceed the amount of the supplementary payment to the individual support rate for participants with fewer opportunities. The amount of  additional sum will be determined on the basis of a special application prepared by the mobility participant and submitted on his / her behalf by the sending University to the National Agency. A template for the NA application is available on the Erasmus+ website: https://erasmusplus.org.pl. Ww. the application must be submitted to the NA immediately after the mobility participant is qualified to leave and no later than 5 weeks before the mobility participant leaves for the scholarship.


Each application will be considered individually. The application must be reviewed by the Erasmus+ University coordinator and a representative of the University’s Disability Unit. If the university does not have such a cell, the application must be reviewed by a person who has in his / her area of responsibility issues related to the issues of people with disabilities.

If the National Agency, when assessing an application for funding for actual costs, has doubts as to the appropriateness of the expenditure, it may require the mobility participant to provide additional justification, e.g. an appropriate medical certificate.



Conditions for granting co-financing for the mobility of people with fewer (those in financial difficulties and with disabilities) qualified to travel in the Erasmus+ programme – Financial agreement KA131 (Higher education) (Higher education)

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