From passion to success: How studying Tourism and Hospitality can change your career?

Find out why studying Tourism and Hospitality at VPU is the key to a fascinating career in the tourism and hospitality industry! Jerzy Wójcik, an experienced entrepreneur and lecturer, talks about his passion for travel, his experiences in business and the importance of a proper education in this field.

Who will find themselves in a Tourism and Hospitality programme? Who is this course of study for?

– People who want to explore the world both near and far continents to satisfy their passion and curiosity through practice will find themselves in this study. It is also important to have organisational skills. The ability to plan and organise events, tours and other travel activities will certainly be appreciated by a future employer.

And how do you get there, for example, to run your own restaurant as you do?

– Without passion you can’t succeed (laughs). Education is also very important, because without that it is difficult to run a business. I think tourism is the kind of field that needs professional knowledge, which we acquire at university.

What made you decide to start your business?

– This question is a challenge because I inherited the business from my parents. If I had to make a choice now, I would choose to do the same. It is a very interesting occupation. In addition to running the restaurant, our company is active in events and catering, organising training and conferences. We are constantly developing. For me, contact with people is key. I can’t imagine working behind a desk, separated from interaction with others (laughs).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the catering industry?

– In my opinion, there are more advantages rather than disadvantages. There is no standing still in this profession. We are constantly doing something new, developing. The industry is changing all the time, standards are changing and you have to keep up with it. Customer requirements, diets, the form of service, restaurant decorations are also changing, we are learning something new all the time.

What qualities and skills are useful in the tourism and hospitality industry?

– Organisational skills are very important, but also economic issues, you need to be able to manage the budget you have. The most important thing is also to listen to the client and meet their expectations.

Why would you recommend studying in this field?

– The most important thing is self-realisation, but without the basic knowledge from your studies, it’s very difficult to find your way in the profession. It’s worth going to university so that you can put your knowledge into practice later.

Interviewed by Edyta Pać

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