VPU students held a cultural workshop for high school students from Biłgoraj

Sudents of the Vincent Pol University visited the UN High School in Biłgoraj to encourage students to study at our university. They also talked about the culture and customs in their small homelands.

The University students travelled to Biłgoraj on Monday. The purpose of the meeting was a cultural and language workshop. Our University students from India, Rwanda, Egypt, Tanzania and Thailand talked about their countries, culture and language. They also encouraged students to study in Lublin at VPU.

– My presentation was very well received. We came to a Polish high school where we presented our countries, traditions and cultures, including information about food. It was a very good experience for everyone,

says Edna Carere, a nursing student at VPU.

The high school students from Bilgoraj asked many questions of their guests. They were interested in how they found themselves in Poland, whether they liked our country, what courses they were studying and even asked what music they listened to.

– The audience was extremely interested and listened patiently to our speeches,

said Dhaya Rajeswari, a physiotherapy student at VPU.

In addition to being thanked, our Academy representatives also received an invitation to the next workshop at the UN High School in Bilgoraj.

– We hope that thanks to such meetings, students will get to know our academy, will want to visit us during the open days, and will later come to study at the Vincent Pol University,

quoted the head of the Department of English Philology, Przemysław Terejko PhD, professor at VPU.

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