Attend a physiotherapy conference and learn about new rehabilitation options

For the second time, an international conference entitled ‘Physiotherapy of the neurological patient in the 21st century’ will be held on 27th of January. One of the co-organisers of this event is the Vincent Pol University.

The theme of the conference is comprehensive care of the neurological patient according to the latest global guidelines. Topics to be addressed at the meeting include a state-of-the-art approach to improving the upper limb after stroke, the use of gait analysis in rehabilitation programming for children with cerebral palsy, and the treatment of spasticity in the comatose patient.

The invited guests are eminent specialists from both Poland and abroad who are setting trends in medical care worldwide,” says Daria Majewska PhD, associate dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and head of the Department of Physiotherapy at VPU.”

Conference participants will be able to find out how to work with children who have suffered a spinal cord injury and what role a vision therapist, neuropsychologist and speech therapist play in the treatment of a patient with neurological conditions.

A certain novelty at this year’s conference will be the workshop-practical part, which will be led by such celebrities as docent Agnieszka Stępień and docent Maciej Krawczyk. These are outstanding physiotherapists,” adds PhD Majewska.

During the event, there will also be an opportunity to test the most modern rehabilitation equipment and learn about the latest innovative patient solutions.

The conference will take place on 27th of January at the Lublin Conference Centre at 2 Grottgera Street in Lublin.

The registration form can be found HERE

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