Chancellor and Dean of VPU in the Role of Brave Firefighters to Help the Sick

It was both entertaining and for a noble cause. The President and Chancellor of Vincent Pol University, along with the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, took to the big stage alongside professional artists to raise funds for leukemia patients.

This unique performance, held at the Center for Meeting of Cultures, was organized by the Lublin Charity Action on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a jubilee event, marking the 10th performance in the “Famous, Yet Unknown” series, which aims to collect funds annually for the benefit of the sick and those in need.

I participated in this event for the ninth time. In the first show, there were a dozen of us, and now there are around 120 participants. Over these ten years, the event has significantly expanded, with more and more people wanting to join in the charitable efforts,”

said President and Chancellor of Vincent Pol University, Assoc. Prof. Henryk Stefanek. He added,

Most of the participants are amateurs. We are very satisfied that we perform on Lublin’s largest stage alongside professional artists, including those from the Musical Theatre and the Osterwa Theatre. The performance also involves politicians, voivodes, doctors, officials, and representatives from many other fields,

emphasized the Chancellor.

This year, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Mateusz Stefank, Prof. of VPU, they appeared as firefighters. They prepared for this performance for several months.

Photo credit: CSK/Ewa Zielonka-Gawrylak

The premiere on Tuesday was challenging because we had rehearsals at the Soldier’s Home, and the performance took place at the Center for Meeting of Cultures. But it was successful,

recounted Assoc. Prof. Henryk Stefanek.

As firefighters, we intervened when smoke started filling the stage. It turned out that some actors were playing with smoke in their dressing rooms. In our original firefighting gear, we entered from the side doors and shouted, ‘No fire.’ The lights even went out, which startled the audience a bit.

Will the authorities of VPU participate in next year’s Lublin Charity Action performance?

Most likely, yes, because we must help others,” concluded the Chancellor. The university operates its own Foundation for Youth Development and actively supports similar initiatives.

The proceeds from this year’s performance will be donated to the Association for the Aid of Leukemia Patients, which operates within the Hematooncology and Marrow Transplantation Clinic of the Medical University of Lublin.

Photo credit: CSK/Ewa Zielonka-Gawrylak

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