How do you deal with stress during an exam session?

During an exam session, stress is given to practically everyone. And everyone copes with the stress in their own way. There are various methods for relieving emotions, which can be useful especially during the period of credits and examinations.

Planning your time and organising your materials is a key part of dealing with stress. Creating a study schedule and scheduling time to relax counteracts feelings of overwhelm and panic. Keeping a clean and tidy study area can also help reduce tension.

Social support is also important. Sharing experiences with other students or family can help you understand that you are not alone in the stress of exams.

Don’t neglect your health. Regular physical exercise, such as the gym, running or yoga, not only improves your physical condition, but also benefits your mental state. A healthy diet is also important and has a great impact on your overall wellbeing.

Other relaxation methods such as meditation, self-massage or walking can also be used to reduce stress. Meditation helps you to calm down and calm down, while self-massage will help to relax tense muscles. Walking, on the other hand, has a positive effect on the body and its oxygenation.

Agnieszka Koguc from the Mantra School of Meditation and Self-realisation in Lublin emphasises that the result of a pass or an exam does not define a person’s value as a person:

– If you make the effort to achieve your goal, it will help you feel fulfilled and satisfied, which in turn will increase your motivation and enthusiasm. However, be forgiving to yourself and remember that everyone has good and bad days,– advises mrs Koguc.

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