Distinguished scientist with lectures at Vincent Pol University

For the next two weeks, our University will host Professor Angelo Santagostino from Italy, an expert in European economics.

Angelo Santagostino – the Jean Monnet Professor of European Economic Integration at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Brescia, Italy – will give lectures to our students of Economics. He will introduce them to the topics of international economic organisations and the functioning of the euro area.

Prof. Angelo Santagostino is not only an eminent academic, but also an experienced practitioner who has led many EU-funded projects in the field of European studies. His work focuses on the EU integration process and classical liberal thought. His interest in European integration has moved his research beyond economics – to reflect on Europe’s shared cultural heritage.

‘Studying economics means understanding or acquiring the tools we need to understand how the economic world works. We live in a time of globalisation, an intensification of economic relations between countries. To understand this phenomenon and all its aspects that involve trade, finance, the movement of people, migration – you need to study economics,’ Professor Santagostino told us.

Prof Angelo Santagostino has authored many articles in scientific journals.

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