German Language in Tourist Trade

German Language in Tourist Trade

The course is divided in two parts:

a) German in tourism – general version

b) German language for tourist information specialists

A professional course (60 teaching hours) is dedicated to all people who would like to acquire vocabulary from the field of tourism and hospitality management. The course is aimed at travel agency workers, customer service workers in hotels, tourist guides, residents, catering trade workers of health resorts, nursing home workers and dietitians.

During the course every learner receives a dictionary which contains vocabulary from each learning unit.

The teacher during the classes often translates terms from German into English and vice versa.

The teacher uses various teaching methods such as thematic sections method, direct method, communicative method and e-learning.

After finishing the course, every learner receives a certificate with a grade. The certificate is drown up in Polish and German.

Required documents:

  • an application form (available in Admissions Office or on VPU website)
  • a copy of a passport (foreign students)
  • one photo of a candidate (35mm x 45mm)

Candidates should submit the documents to VPU Admissions Office or send them to an e-mail

Course price for VPU students: 150 € / year

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