Jerzy Wójcik, VPU lecturer: Dietetics is the profession of the future

Where can you find a job after studying Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, why is it worth choosing such a career path and why is there growing interest in diets and nutrition? We discuss all this with Jerzy Wojcik, lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Vincent Pol University

It seems that customers are paying more and more attention to the quality of the food, do you have similar observations?

– Yes, every customer is looking for a menu specifically for themselves. It happens that at many gatherings, when there are several people, there is a situation where everyone has something different on their plate. Everyone takes care of themselves and is conscious so they expect diets to be tailored to their preferences.

The field of study in Dietetics is becoming increasingly popular. What is the role of a dietitian in the catering industry?

– Some dietitians find employment in companies that are required to have a nutritionist, such as schools or hospitals. The work in these areas is fascinating and involves the control of many patients for whom strict diets are necessary. In the catering, restaurant and food service industry, the presence of a dietician is essential, especially for elimination diets such as gluten-free, which require the development of precise recipes and their consistent adherence.

In your opinion, is the demand for dietary consultations on healthy eating just a passing trend, or will the need for dietitians continue to grow?

– Dietetics is the profession of the future, as evidenced by the increasing number of clients who are starting consultations with dietitians on an individual basis. There is a trend to move away from generic diets available online to strict diet plans tailored to individual needs and health goals. People are starting to care more about their health and appearance, resulting in an increased interest in the way they eat.

Can cooking delicious yet nutritious and healthy food be reconciled?

– Of course it is (laughs). Dieting should not be treated as a compulsion, but as a pleasure. It is important for us to be able to enjoy the food we like while at the same time adhering to the principles of healthy eating. One does not exclude the other.

Interviewed by Edyta Pać

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