Meeting with NHF staff at the University. Take care of your health

You would like to find out which preventive programmes you can benefit from and how to use the Online Patient Account. Or would you like to take measurements on a mobile body composition analyser? Come to a meeting with the staff of the Lublin branch of the National Health Fund.

A meeting on preventive health care is scheduled for Friday, 1 March, from 2 to 7 pm, in the VPU Medical Science Centre building, room B-214.

The invitation is aimed at Vincent Pol University students and staff, as well as parents and wards of the Creative Sport Team.

During the meeting, employees of the Lublin branch of the NHF:

–will provide the opportunity to take measurements on a mobile body composition analyser and discuss the results obtained with a prevention and health promotion advisor,

–will provide information on prevention programmes targeted at particular age groups,

–introduce the participants to the NHF Diet portal and the NHF University, as well as to educational materials: the “Ze zdrowiem” magazine and thematic e-books,

–tell them how to use the Internet Patient Account (IKP),

–provide information on voluntary health insurance,

–issue the European Health Insurance Card

–provide general information.

Female nutritionist giving consultation to patient. Making diet plan. Young woman visiting nutritionist in weight loss clinic

It is worth setting aside time and attending this event to take care of your health. This is an excellent opportunity to benefit from valuable advice from specialists. All advice and measurements are completely free of charge.

You are very welcome!

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