Jan Mielniczuk – young athlete, great goals

Jan Mielniczuk from the AZS VPU Lublin Academic Club is a high school student who trains athletics. Despite his young age, he already has numerous successes to his credit. In February, he won a bronze medal at the Polish Junior and Junior Athletics Championships in Wrocław.

photo: Tomasz Kasjaniuk / PZLA

How long have you been training the sport?

Athletics came into my life in the fifth year of primary school, which means I have been training the sport for almost six years, and high jump for four.

What made you choose this sport?

In PE class we had tests for 60 metres, I ran and the teacher said: “It’s nice the way your foot is going when you run”. We also had the opportunity to do the high jump and after the first attempt I felt like this was it!

What is your biggest sporting success?

The most sentimental for me is my first bronze medal from the U16 Polish Championships in 2022 in Lublin. It was a wonderful time.

Goals for the future?

My sporting goals are of course the All-Polish Youth Olympics in Lublin in the summer, and maybe the European Championships in Banska Bystrica. Time will tell. The important thing is to go up and beat 2 metres!

Do you look after your diet in any particular way?

For now, I don’t focus too much on my diet. I have a good weight and figure, so I think it’s fine.

And what do you do in your spare time?

photo: private archive

Mostly I relax (laughs), and seriously, I play cello in two orchestras. In ‘FeelHarmonia’ I play on commissions and in ‘Eleftheri’ I am co-leader, I write arrangements of various pieces, I also play cello and sometimes piano.

Do you coach any other sports?

I don’t train other sports professionally, but I like to play volleyball, ping-pong occasionally, and recently I’ve even taken a liking to Dart (laughs).

Your method for stress is?

Through my experiences in the music industry, I have learned to tame stress. It rarely comes up, I focus on getting my work done!

Do you have a sporting idol?

Yes, it’s Gianmarco Tamberi – an Italian athlete specialising in high jump. I value him for his personality, talent and charisma.

photo: private archive

And what impact does sport have on your private life?

Unfortunately, I rarely meet up with friends. I miss some time, but I’m not complaining because I work with a lot of great people and I love it!

Interviewed by Edyta Pać

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