Official matriculation of 2024

Another group of students has joined our academic community. During the solemn matriculation of new students of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences, the President and Chancellor of Vincent Pol University, Assoc. Prof. Henryk Stefanek, as well as its Rector, Dr. Hab. Mariusz Korczyński, Prof. AWP, extended their warm welcome.

“Dear friends, you are embarking on your studies at a beautiful and modern University located in a very friendly and charming city – Lublin. You have at your disposal a captivating campus, and you will find excellent conditions here for your studies”

stated the University’s Rector, Prof. Mariusz Korczyński.

He further added

“We want you to receive a thorough education because as graduates, in a few years, you will be ambassadors of this University in various corners of our region, our homeland, Europe, and the world”

The Rector wished the students to fulfill their personal and academic dreams, and as they leave the walls of Vincent Pol University, to carry with them unforgettable memories.

We warmly welcome you and look forward to seeing you in classes!

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