The Vincent Pol University Medical Science Center is gradually filling up

Empty rooms have been furnished with chairs and boards, and new library spaces are filled with books. A bistro bar is also preparing for its opening. Take a look at how the new Vincent Pol University building, the Medical Science Center, is transforming.

The Academic Medical Science Center is a source of pride for our university, primarily intended for educational purposes. Connected to the current building, it spans four above-ground floors and covers over 4,200 square meters.

Both the main Vincent Pol University building and the modern Center were constructed using the university’s own funds, without external contributions. The new building was inaugurated on October 22 during the start of the academic year.

Until recently, the Center’s rooms were empty, but they are slowly filling up with medical equipment and professional furnishings. In the classrooms, there are seats and multimedia boards. There is also equipment in the rehabilitation room, and the university has acquired a modern spinal exercise system, the only one of its kind in the Lublin region.

On the ground floor, there are modern cosmetic offices, and the building houses two ready-to-use amphitheater lecture halls with large screens. An on-site bistro bar is ready to open, where students will soon be able to have warm meals.

The shelves in the new library spaces are also filling up with books and specialized literature. The new library and reading room are three times larger than the previous location in the main building, providing greater comfort for students.

University authorities hope to secure external funding for further equipping classrooms, laboratories, and medical facilities.

These changes will benefit not only students but also lecturers, providing them with better conditions for conducting classes and greater development opportunities.

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