VPU Students’ Field Exercises: Practical Vocational Learning

Students of Tourism And Hospitality Management at the Vincent Pol University chose to step out of the classroom and into the field. They visited three locations where they could see firsthand what an agrotourism farm looks like and how it operates.

“This field trip as part of the Agrotourism course is organized for students once a year. It’s practical field exercises. The idea is for students to see and evaluate the facilities that are rented to tourists on-site rather than in the university classroom,”

explains Dr. Sławomir Kula, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Head of the Tourism and Recreation Department at VPU.

During the exercises, students engaged in categorizing rural accommodation facilities. They measured rooms, checked their amenities, and evaluated the surroundings of the observed locations. Each place was given a rating of one to three suns.

Wiesław Czerniec, an VPU lecturer and the president of the Polish Federation of Rural Tourism “Guest Farms,” provided the students with real assessment sheets used by inspectors to evaluate tourist facilities. This allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the profession they are studying.

The first destination on the trip was Celejów and an agrotourism farm.

“I am pleased to once again host VPU students majoring in Tourism and Recreation. I hope that the experience and skills they gain at our location will expand their knowledge about the operation and categorization of agrotourism. I look forward to hosting students from your Academy next year as well,”

emphasized Katarzyna Siwiec, the owner of “Agroturystyka Pod Jabłonią” agrotourism facility.

The next stop on the route was independent residential units in Wojciechów. These facilities are entirely rented to families for vacation, such as holiday apartments and standalone houses.

In Nowy Gaj, students visited and assessed glamping domes, which are transparent domes that allow tourists to enjoy a unique natural experience.

Additional attractions on the route included visits to the Blacksmith Museum in Wojciechów and the Museum of Minerals, Meteorites, and Fossils in Nowy Gaj.

“Students really enjoy these trips. They allow them to practice practical skills in the field. It’s valuable knowledge,” says Vice Dean Kula.

Daria Kravchuk, a first-year Tourism And Hospitality Management student, confirms:

“This trip was very informative. We learned, for example, how to establish and operate our agrotourism farm. Going out into the field like this helps us gain much more practical knowledge.”

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