A new look at beekeeping beauty science through the eyes of VPU lecturers and students

Lecturers and students from the Vincent Pol University took part in the Second Scientific Beekeeping Conference ‘Nauka w praktyce'(‘Science in practice’). They presented research and analysis on the topics of apitherapy, the healing properties of honey and propolis care.

The conference was held on Thursday at the Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy (University of Life Sciences). Its purpose was, among other things, to integrate the academic community (which deals with various branches of beekeeping in its research) with beekeepers and entrepreneurs working in this field. It was also about presenting the beekeeping scientific community open to joint initiatives and challenges.

As part of a poster presentation, the associate dean of VPU’s Faculty of Health Sciences for Beauty Science- PhD Małgorzata Gorzel – and her students presented information on beekeeping products and their use in cosmetology.

I am very pleased that, as a student at Vincent Pol University, I can participate in this conference because I am very interested in the subject of bees. Bees produce products that we can use in cosmetology, and the programme of this conference shows that I will be able to learn many interesting things about this topic

says VPU Beauty Science student Aleksandra Tarynów.

PhD Magdalena Makarska-Białokoz, Professor at VPU adds:

By participating in this conference, students from our university start research and scientific work. This is interesting. Beauty Science was perceived mainly as a practical field of study, whereas now we want to develop holistically, in various directions. Practice also has to be supported by scientific research

emphasises Professor Makarska-Białokoz.

So far, the work of a cosmetologist has been associated with practical care and beauty treatments. In today’s era of scientific development, cosmetology has become a field that integrates both practical and scientific knowledge. Today, cosmetologists develop and use specialised products based on scientific research to further satisfy clients. The work of cosmetology today requires extensive knowledge in the field of skin biology, cosmetic chemistry, dermatology, and knowledge of current trends and innovations in the industry.

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