Rector of VPU: Our graduate is a practitioner prepared very well for their profession

Why it is worth choosing Vincent Pol University for your studies, what the university offers students and what makes it stand out from the rest – we talk about all this with VPU Rector Mariusz Korczyński, Ph.D., professor at VPU.

March intakes are beginning, including for English-language courses. Young people can find a wide choice of universities on the Lublin and national market. Why should they opt for Vincent Pol University?

Vincent Pol University has long been oriented towards a very modern education system. This is evidenced, for example, by continuous investment in new teaching and training facilities, investment in establishing new relationships with national universities, but also by international cooperation. At the moment, we are cooperating with a number of western universities and carrying out interesting projects together.

However, the main asset of the university that a university applicant should take into account is that we have a very good staff and teaching base. It is a staff of excellent practitioners, not only theoretical scientists, but also people who are highly qualified specialists in the subjects we teach. This is very important because our academy provides education in subjects with a practical profile.

What sets VPU apart from other universities?

Above all, the fact that our university is one of the most internationalised universities in the country. People from more than 60 countries around the world, from all continents, study with us. Our university is prepared to take the trouble to work with any person, no matter what regions of the world they come from or what culture they come from. We are an University with strong intercultural potential.

In addition to our extensive teaching facilities in the form of the Academic Physiotherapy Centre, the Medical Simulation Centre and the entire medical science training facility, we also have boarding facilities. We have prepared dormitory accommodation for university applicants.

We are also distinguished from other universities by our very good relations with the sports community of Lublin. From the very beginning of the university’s existence, we have attached great importance to cooperation with this community. We are the only university in Lublin and the region to have a faculty of Physical Education, both first and second degree. We also have agreements with almost all Lublin sports clubs to support young athletes in their intellectual development. We are very experienced in this area. The pride of our University is the fact that for the past 20 years many outstanding athletes have been educated here, gaining their bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

How would you describe a Vincent Pol University graduates? What kind of people are they?

How would you describe a Vincent Pol University graduate? What kind of person is he or she? As I have already mentioned, our Academy is a practical university, so an AWP graduate is a practitioner who is very well prepared for his or her profession. All the faculties we pursue are of a practical nature. What makes us stand out in the Lublin market is that employers are very willing to hire people who have graduated from our Academy. This is very important information for us.

We have established agreements with many institutions and workplaces where our students undergo internships. One such example is medical faculties, such as nursing. We have agreements with hospitals both in Lublin and in medical facilities throughout the voivodship, where our students gain practical qualifications. Half of their training programme is practical training. This level of practical preparation plays a very important role in terms of success in their later professional life.

Similarly, Tourism and Leisure students undertake internships in hotels or restaurants, with which we also have a multi-faceted partnership. But our students also carry out placements abroad. They go abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme, and undertake placements in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, among others, where they gain intercultural competences for the labour market.

In summary, we invest in practical learning for young people, not limiting ourselves to theory. Our students do not just sit in desks, but go on field trips and sports camps. We have a really rich experience and a wide range of offerings in this regard.

The university recently launched a state-of-the-art Medical Science Centre. What are the further plans?

Next to the Centre we want to build a full-size multifunctional pitch. This is one of the plans. We are also expanding the range of degree courses every year. Recently, we launched Dietetics and a Master’s degree in Physical Education, and from October we invite you to a new course – Management. We are already planning to launch further courses, which we will certainly keep you informed about. We are also preparing to celebrate our 25th anniversary. It is worth recalling that in 1999 we opened the main building of the university, and in October 2000 the first inauguration took place.

We are not standing still, we are constantly developing both in terms of infrastructure and the educational offer for young people, so it is worth choosing our Academy. It is a guarantee of a good education and an attractive job.

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