Career Day. Join us for a discussion meeting and individual psychological support sessions

What skills do employers expect from future employees? How to deal with the anxiety associated with, among other things, looking for or taking on a new job? You can talk about all this during a discussion meeting and individual session with a coach – Dr Anna Kaczorowska. When? On 12 June during the Career Day with Vincent Pol University and the Municipal Employment Office in Lublin.

On 12 June we invite all those interested to the auditorium in the Main Building of our University. Entrepreneurs from our region, foundations, offices and various institutions will present themselves with job, internship and apprenticeship offers. This is an excellent opportunity to find an offer for yourself and make new contacts.

And it does not stop there. Those wishing to do so can take part in a discussion meeting about the skills demanded on the current and future labour market and an individual session with a coach.

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Co-creating friendly workplaces – moderated discussion meeting

We would like to invite students who are on the start of their job search, job seekers, self-employed, students who own or run their own companies or who are already employees of companies to meet with us and discuss together, exchange needs, expectations and their own experiences, – encourages Dr Anna Kaczorowska, coach, tutor and interpersonal communication specialist, who will chair the meeting.

Anna Kaczorowska, PhD, is the co-founder of the VPU’s Academic Centre for Therapy and Integral Development, a member of the Scientific Council of the Centre for Innovation in Research and Science (CIBiN), and co-author and implementer of the pilot programme ‘Multimodal Personal Support’ dedicated to Vincent Pol University students and employees.

The topic of the discussion will be the competences most expected by employers of future employees, the competences of the future, or green competences – resulting from the political strategy and priorities of the European Union. In addition, the most important problems, shortcomings perceived by employers among employees and the expectations and needs of future or current employees will be addressed. This is an opportunity for self-development that will determine your future.

– Your participation is an expression of proactivity, i.e. taking responsibility for your decisions and actions, one of the most important competences to foster well-being in every area of your life. As an employer you have the opportunity to shape competent future employees, as a job seeker you have the opportunity to get to know their expectations and maybe even their future employer. It all depends on your commitment. Your future is in your hands, – encourages Ms Kaczorowska.

The meeting will take place on 12 June, from 10.30 to 11.15 a.m., in Room 77 (2nd floor)

number of participants up to 20

registration at 605 379 446

Individual session with a coach

An individual session with a coach provides psychological support when experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, low mood, difficulties in making a change.

Psychological support is an invaluable form of help for a student facing the need to experience a significant change in life, such as looking for or taking up a job. It is an unavoidable situation that each of you will face. So it is worth helping yourself. You have such an opportunity by taking part in a coaching session with Dr Anna Kaczorowska – a licensed coach, certified tutor, specialist in interpersonal communication and psychological support and crisis intervention.

Two meeting times available:

12-12.45 and 13-13.45, room 30 (ground floor)

registration at 605 379 446

Meetings are free of charge. Feel free to sign up!

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