Develop your sporting passions with the VPU AZS club

Keeping fit at a good level positively affects every aspect of our lives. Vincent Pol University offers students the opportunity to join the AZS sports club without any unnecessary paperwork.

The VPU AZS club focuses on the sporting development of its students and actively supports them in their pursuit of sporting success. It also offers professional training and support from coaches. This gives all those interested the opportunity to develop their passion for sport and gain valuable experience. Joining an AZS sports club is a great opportunity to spend time actively, improve your physical condition and make new friends. It is also a great form of relaxation and rest after a day of studying. Regardless of the level of skills and sporting experience, every student will find something for themselves in the VPU AZS club.

In order to gain access to a training session, all you need to do is come dressed appropriately at the designated time and approach the trainer, having first introduced yourself as being affiliated with the university

says Małgorzata Majerek, president of the AZS and lecturer in the Sport Science course at VPU.

The university also provides opportunities to participate in sports competitions at both national and international levels

Everyone is welcome to join the club. The activities for students are completely free of charge, which allows to see if a particular sport is right for you.

adds Małgorzata Majerek.

The VPU AZS club offers a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, table tennis, boxing, kickboxing, rugby, strength sports and swimming. If a student is interested in other sports, these are also welcome to represent our university in sporting competitions.

It is worth knowing that Vincent Pol University supports the best students by rewarding them for their sporting achievements. Students can count on rector’s scholarships. Both Polish and international students can apply for such a scholarship. Receiving this financial support is conditional on displaying high quality sporting skills and achieving significant results at sporting competitions.

For more information about the AZS and to register- click HERE

More information about the scholarship – click HERE

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