Graduation ceremony for VPU’s English-speaking students. Whole room was full of emotions

Graduates of English-language studies at Vincent Pol University received their diplomas on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students in the fields of Nursing, Beauty Science, Tourism and Hospitality Management and International Business Management received their Bachelor’s degrees.

The awarding of diplomas is one of the most solemn events that takes place at the end of studies. It is a symbolic moment marking the end of a certain stage of education, a moment full of emotion and joy. There was no shortage of these emotions in recent days at our University, when young people from all over the world received their diplomas.

I got my diploma already, I’m very excited. After this I’m going for master’s degree and hopefuly i’ll go higher than this aswell in the future. I’m plannin to go for anesthesiology aswell so hopefuly everything goes well

Says Bursu Bosal, a graduate of Nursing at VPU

During the ceremony, VPU graduates received their graduation documents from the hands of our university authorities. For these young people, this is not only an acknowledgement of their efforts and commitment to their education, but also a reward for their hard work and determination.

The students were extremely excited and the smiles did not leave their faces. They all felt immense pride in their achievements and congratulated each other, enjoying this special moment. Everyone stressed that this moment will always remain in their memories.

I just want to appreciate the teachers, our coordinators and my classmates most especially because they’ve been so amazing. It hasn’t been an easy journey you know, but we thank God today we are here, I’m so grateful and thankful to God honestly.

Emphasizes Fortune Chibudo, a graduate of Tourism and Hospitality Management at VPU.

The rector of Vincent Pol University, PhD Mariusz Korczyński, professor at VPU, expressed his appreciation for the effort and hard work that young people have put into acquiring knowledge and skills over the years of study at our university

The ceremony was also an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, take stock of past achievements and plan for the future. The graduates thanked their loved ones for their support and motivation during their studies.

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