Intensive preparatory courses for Polish state exam

Intensive preparatory courses for Polish state exam

During the intensive preparatory course learners will be familiarised with all parts of the exam, and will be provided with helpful tips and ideas on how to solve examination tasks. Learners will also improve and extend their knowledge of Polish grammar and vocabulary, and develop basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing) which are tested during the exam. The course ends with a mock exam.

We guarantee content-related supervision (the choice of learning materials), and the evaluation of the learning process.

The course starts about one month before the Polish state exam, when at least 6 people register for the course.

The course is held online, and it consists of 20 45-minute lessons. If less than 6 people register for the course, the number of hours will be reduced.

The level of preparatory courses depends on the levels of Polish state exams orgniased by the Centre.


Course fee: 350 PLN (per person)

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