Intensive summer course

Intensive Polish - Annual Course

We offer three levels of teaching:

  • Enjoy intensive one-year Polish language courses. In response to the different needs and levels of Polish language proficiency of our listeners, we offer courses at three levels:
    1. Beginner course

    An intensive course during which students will develop their language competence at a basic level, which will make it easier for them to function in Poland and prepare them for further linguistic struggles.

    The goal of the course is to achieve a minimum level of A1+/A2. It is possible to join this group without knowledge of Polish.

    1. Course with “zero” – lower intermediate group.

    An intensive course that prepares you for studies, work in Poland, state exams and other Polish language exams, as well as for those willing to broaden their language skills. The goal of the course is to achieve a minimum B1 level.

    A2 level or fluency in a language from the group of Slavic languages is required.

    1. Course with “zero” intermediate group higher.

    An intensive course to prepare for studies, work in Poland, state examinations and other Polish language examinations, as well as for those willing to broaden their language competence. The goal of the course is to reach the B2 level.

    B1 level required.
    The level of proficiency is verified by a leveling test..

Advantages of our course

• The opportunity to take the state exam at the University.
• Qualified teaching staff, who constantly improve their qualifications at supplementary courses.
• Many years of experience in organizing courses in Polish as a foreign language.
• Use of modern teaching methods and innovative teaching aids.
• Ability to motivate students to learn,
• Comfortable learning conditions in small groups, in comfortable classrooms,
• Access to a well-equipped library.
• Exceptional atmosphere conducive to learning.

Course description

All courses are conducted in accordance with the standards of requirements pertaining to the various levels of language proficiency in Polish as a foreign language regulated by laws (Polish Language Act of June 12, 2015, Regulation on examinations in Polish as a foreign language of February 26, 2016). The courses prepare for state examinations in Polish as a foreign language. Students can take the state exams at our University on the dates set by the Examination Commission.


Intensive annual courses include 600 hours of various types of language classes, 300 in each semester. Classes are taught by a team of qualified specialists – academic teachers who are also certified as state examiners.


Students of college preparatory courses can also choose additional classes in geography, economics, sociology, psychology or computer science, as well as a wide range of classes in medical faculties: Cosmetology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Obstetrics, depending on the intended field of study in which they intend to pursue higher education in the future. They participate in these classes as “free students” together with students who are already studying at the university. In this way, the students gain basic knowledge of the subjects they will study in the future, which will help them during their studies at the university.


In addition to classes, a cultural program is planned for the course participants:

-visiting the Old Town of Lublin;
-visiting the Lublin Castle;
-entry to the Baszta;
-visit to the Meeting of Cultures Center;
-visit to the Wincenty Pol Museum;
-excursion to the Lublin Village Museum;
-excursion to the State Museum at Majdanek;
-excursion to the Botanical Garden of the UMCS;
-and others.

At the request of the course participants, it is possible to organize other excursions.


Sport classes

Our university cares about the health of students. Course participants can take part in sports sections conducted at the Academy: volleyball, soccer, table tennis, boxing, kickboxing, gym.

Additional sports activities and visits to sports complexes can be organized at the request of participants.

Required Documents:

Candidates for the course should provide:

  • course admission form (available at VPU Recruitment and downloadable from the VPU website) – pobierz
  • scan of passport (pages with information)
  •  1 current 35mm x 45mm color photograph (format as for passport)

The above documents should be sent to the email address – rekrutacja.cudzoziemcy@pol.edu.pl


For the 2024/2025 academic year (classes starting October 2024), the course fees are:
5500 PLN – with a one-time payment for the year
2800 PLN – when paying in 2 installments (payment for each semester)  


Applications for the academic year 2024/2025 (classes from October 2024) are accepted until 30.09.2024.  


e-mail: osrodekjpjo@pol.edu.pl, awp.jpjo@gmail.com
phone: +48 663 558 100

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