VPU Student Government invites you to work together

Do you have an idea for an interesting event? Or maybe you need some help? Make yourself known to the Student Government of Vincent Pol University. “We are active in all aspects of student life, so contact us!”, says Edna Anita Carere , the president of the Student Government.

What is the role of the Student Government?

– Primarily to address student’s grievance’s, voices to be heard by authorities, find common ground between the university and students themselves. Furthermore, to hold English spoken workshops promoting the university through representatives of different countries around the world.

What issues can students address to your Government?

– We are a student led organisation so anything that students want and anything that is in line with student’s voice that is what we do. We exist to make student’s life better at the university. Basically, we are an organisation for students by students.

What are the rights of the Student Government?

– Every Polish university is entitled to have an International Student Union that was established in October 1980. The role and rights of the Student Government are dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body and every student has the right to speak out.

What drove you to become the president of this Government?

– I was voted for I also had the zeal for student’s voices to be heard, to be addressed and recognised. I have also had a strong passion for people in terms of interacting with a diverse number of nationalities and to also understand their cultures, their backgrounds, who they are.

What does the president of the Student Government do?

– Basically, the role of the president is to ensure students are welcomed by the university from their different countries and different cultures, and to create memories during their period of study.

What qualities should the president of the Student Government have?

– Probably the number one job of the president is to be a leader of leaders. To be able to lead a high functioning excellent team, you have to have systems thinking and seeing the big picture so understanding what is happening at the university. You also have to be innovative and adapt to change, and the president has to be a people person like I am.

Contact: carereedna@gmail.com

Interviewed by: Edyta Pać

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