Join the students of the Vincent Pol University!

We focus on practice and continuous development in order to educate young employees in the best possible way,” emphasise the VPU authorities and invite them to study at our university.

Studying at VPU is not only about learning theory, but also a lot of practical classes on site and in the internships in hospitals, hotels, restaurants. It is also an opportunity to pursue one’s own passions, be it artistic, e.g. in a choir, or sports, as everyone can join the VPU AZS club and choose a sports section that suits them.

During integration meetings, you can learn about the culture of different countries, customs and traditions. It’s a great life lesson and a rich experience. The professional teaching staff and modernly equipped classrooms and laboratories guarantee that you will receive the best education at VPU and will easily find employment in the labour market as graduates.

Come and join Vincent Pol University!

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