Maciej Więckowski, motocross champion: Studying at VPU was an extraordinary adventure for me

Multiple Polish and European motocross champion, Polish representative in the World Team Championships – Maciej Więckowski. He is not only a talented athlete, but also an inspiration for many people. What’s more, he is a graduate of Vincent Pol University. He told us about his passion and memories connected with our university.

How did your adventure with motorbikes begin?

– Motorcycling roots can be traced back to my family as both my uncle, father and older brother rode motorbikes and even my cousin’s siblings had a passion for the sport. Even as a little boy at the age of four I started out on mini motorbikes, taking my first steps on two wheels.

Do you have any favourite routes to ride?

– This is a bit of a difficult question (laughs). I ride two types of trails: motocross and enduro. In motocross, we race on closed tracks where there are jumps, sand and other obstacles. In enduro, on the other hand, we ride singletrack through long courses, with special sections for time trials.

How do you prepare for competitions, what motivates you?

– At first glance, riding a motorbike doesn’t seem so demanding, but it really is very hard physical work. On a daily basis I attend crossfit classes and run. In the winter I try to ride my bike to build up endurance. It takes a lot of time, but I know that you have to put in the effort to achieve your goals. It is this passion and dedication that makes me love what I do so much. I’m training closely ahead of the competition in Italy, despite the bad weather, because I know I’ll have the opportunity to prove myself in no time. Great successes and developing opportunities have kept this activity going for a dozen years now.

Are there any other disciplines you take part in?

– In addition to motocross and enduro, I also compete in super enduro, these are indoor competitions of World Championship and European Cup rank held in Poland, Germany and Romania, among others. This year I also competed in Budapest and after four rounds I placed third in the European Championship.

What are your career goals?

– My main goal is to win the World Championship title. I would also like to take part in the Dakar Rally.

If you had something to advise motocross beginners, what would you pass on to them?

– I would invite everyone from our region to free training at the motorbike school in Lublin. It’s a great way to start your adventure with motocross and enduro.

Not everyone knows that you are also a graduate of our Vincent Pol University. How do you recall your studies and your time at VPU?

– I studied Sports Science at Vincent Pol University. These studies were an amazing adventure for me, I met a lot of people and learned a lot. Now I am focusing on my sporting career, but I have very positive memories of my time as a student. I have particularly fond memories of summer and winter sports camps.

Interviewed by: Edyta Pać

Photos: Maciej Więckowski’s Fanpage

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