Vincent Pol University students’ sporting successes

A string of successes and victories – this is how the achievements of our students in recent days can be summed up. The MKS FunFloor Lublin women’s handball team advanced to the group stage of European competitions, the rugby team won second place in the general classification of the AZS Rugby 7 Cup, while Maria Szwed took first place in swimming at the Lublin Universiade.

The MKS FunFloor Lublin women’s handball, whose squad includes students from the Vincent Pol University, beat their Serbian rivals ZORK Jagodina 44:24 in spectacular style on Sunday, thus securing their promotion to the group stage of the EHF European League.

– Although we try not to talk about our plans and goals, this promotion was our goal, which we talked about loudly and pursued strongly. It was our minimum plan for this season. And we succeeded,- Tomasz Lewtak, President of the Board of Directors of MKS Lublin S.A., does not hide his satisfaction. He adds: – This win is an intermediate measure to further successes. We want to make a name for ourselves in Europe, to be a sports showcase of our region. If we are strong in Europe, we will also be strong in Poland.

President Lewtak emphasises that together with team coach Edyta Majdzińska, the team has undergone a revolution. It pursued its goals in small steps.

– This revolution was achieved not only thanks to the acquisition of seven new players, but also thanks to the support of the authorities of the Vincent Pol University. Thanks to the favour of the VPU Chancellor, Associate Professor Henryk Stefanek, the players can use the physical therapy facilities available at the university. We take care of the health of our players, we watch over the issue of proper nutrition, it is very important for the condition of the players themselves, as well as the whole team,’

Tomasz Lewtak points out.

Another success was recorded by our students playing in the team of the Vincent Pol University Budowlani II Lublin. At the weekend they took second place in the general classification of the AZS Rugby 7 Cup (a variation of the seven-a-side, Olympic game).

– This is another progression for this team. Last year we finished third in the classification, this year second. The appetite grows with eating, so we hope that next year we will already win first place, because the potential in this team is really big,”

says Jacek Zalejarz, president of the Budowlani Lublin club and the second coach of the rugby players. The first coach is Sebastian Berestek, who is also vice-president of the club.

TheVincent Pol University players also take part in the Second Rugby League, with a squad of 15. After the autumn round, they are in third place.

– This also bodes well to fight for higher places on the podium, – adds president Zalejarz. – Now we will have a break in the competition, but not a break in training. This is the perfect time to prepare physically and technically for the spring games already under the roof.

No longer a team, but an individual success can be boasted by VPU first-year physiotherapy student Maria Szwed. During the Lublin Universiade – First Year Students’ Games, she took first place in women’s 50m freestyle swimming. The competition is organised cyclically by the AZS Lublin Environmental Club.

Thus our student advanced to the National Final of the First Year Students’ Games, which will be held on 1-3 December this year.

– I’m a bit surprised by the victory, because I train time-climbing, and swimming is such my cardio training, a kind of hobby to loosen up my head. But it’s a pleasant surprise,”

Maria Szwed told us. During the Universiade she swam with a time of 27.80 seconds.

Maria Szwed is a talented athlete. She has numerous sporting successes in climbing to her credit. This year she won the title of European champion in Duisburg and the title of world vice-champion in time trial climbing under 20 years of age in Seoul. Now she is leaving for the national climbing team training in Zakopane.
Will she take part in the National Final of the First Year Student Games and compete for swimming success?

– It’s hard to say, because the date of the Games coincides with the date of my training camp. But that will be the coach’s decision,” Maria Szwed said.

We congratulate all our students on their success in the sports arena and wish them further achievements!
Photo: MKS FunFloor Lublin, Budowlani Lublin, AZS Lublin

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