Vincent Pol University to offer Master’s Degree in Sport Science

Great news for students who love sports. Vincent Pol University has received the approval to establish second-cycle studies in the field of sport science. Those interested can apply now.

„We have received a positive opinion from the Polish Accreditation Committee to establish second-cycle studies in sport science,”

– says dr hab. Mariusz Korczyński, prof. AWP, Rector of Vincent Pol University.

He adds:

“Our students will be able to obtain a master’s degree, whether choosing full-time or part-time studies.”

Importantly, classes will begin in the current academic year.

“They will start as soon as we gather a group of interested students,”

– explains the rector.

AWP has been educating students in sport science for 12 years, but until now, they could only obtain a bachelor’s degree after three years of first-cycle studies. Now they will have the opportunity to continue their education with two years of complementary studies and earn a master’s degree.

“This is an opportunity to enhance qualifications for those actively involved in sports,”

notes Professor Henryk Stefanek, President and Chancellor of Vincent Pol University.

He emphasizes:

This field is highly popular among high-level athletes, and we are meeting their expectations.”

Dr Paweł Ostrowski, prof. AWP, Head of the Department of Sport Science, believes this is an important step not only for the university but also for the entire Lublin sports community:

“This community needed the continuation of bachelor’s studies. They will no longer have to travel to Rzeszów or Warsaw but can learn here on site,”

– explains prof. Ostrowski.

Information about the master’s studies is also well-received by students who are already applying.

“I am a graduate of sport science at Vincent Pol University, and I have already applied at the dean’s office to continue my studies. I have very fond memories of my time at the university; the lecturers are truly excellent, and the staff in the dean’s office are lovely. I highly recommend studying here,”

encourages Mrs. Iwona.

Students can also enroll in various sports sections of the university sports club, AZS AWP. The selection is wide, including boxing, swimming, kickboxing, soccer, rugby, fitness training in the university’s gym, basketball, and table tennis.

It’s worth noting that graduates of sport science at Vincent Pol University include well-known athletes, such as handball players Sabina Włodek, Monika Marzec, Ewa Wilczek, Olga Figiel, and Polish goalkeeper Katarzyna Kiedrzynek, who plays for the German club VfL Wolfsburg.

Applications are accepted by the Admissions Department:

  • Tuesday to Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Whatsapp: +48 721 701 703
  • Email: infoenglish@pol.edu.pl
  • Room No. 43 (1st floor), main building of VPU, Choiny Street 2

Information can also be obtained at the Dean’s Office of the Department of English Studies

  • Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Phone: +48 81 469 18 67
  • Email: deanvpu@pol.edu.pl
  • Room No. 26 (ground floor), main building of VPU, Choiny Street 2
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