Visa Expiration Reminder

Good day,
a kind reminder that once your visa expires you must apply for a temporary residence permit (valid for 15 months) in the Lublin Voivodeship Office no later than on the last day of legal residence in Poland.
If you cannot book an appointment then you must submit at least your application form through Biuro Podawcze at Spokojna 4 Street.
Here are some information regarding the workings of the office, however you will have to use google translate: https://cudzoziemcy.lublin.uw.gov.pl/pl/zasady-obsługi-klienta-zewnętrznego
You can find more detailed information on applying for a residence permit here including my presentation which is always discussed during Orientation Week:
Moreover, when the TRC office calls you in regards to the appointment or submission of additional document you musn’t disregard their call, it is important that you pick it up and attend the meeting as scheduled, otherwise Border Guards will take over your case. The office for Lublin’s Border Guards is Podwale 3a Street.
Regards, Aleksandra

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