VPU students encouraged language learning of Frampol students

Staff members and English-speaking students from the Vincent Pol University visited the Local Government School Complex in Frampol on Thursday. They convinced the students about the benefits of language learning. The meeting was not only an inspiring lesson, but also a chance to learn about different cultures.

Students from our University talked about traditions being practised in countries such as Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria.

– This type of meeting with students gives our students a tangible image of why it is worthwhile to learn foreign languages. It shows how important it is to invest in one’s own knowledge, so that later on, one does not face language barriers when travelling around different corners of the world,– emphasised Paweł Kołodziej, director of the Local Government School Complex in Frampol.

Students from Frampol also prepared to welcome the guests and organised a variety of activities. The programme included dance shows, funny skits and uplifting vocal performances. The pupils’ efforts were evident in every detail and their commitment made the atmosphere full of joy and enthusiasm.

– ‘What I liked most was the opportunity to learn about other cultures,’ assessed Oliwia, an 8th grade student at SZS in Frampol. – Some of them were really surprising to me, which is why I think that knowing other cultures and languages is so important. It opens us up to getting to know the world.

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