VPU students visited Radorizh to encourage the study of foreign languages

Employees and students of the Vincent Pol University talked about why it’s worth being a polyglot and learning foreign languages on Thursday. Their listeners were students of the School Complex in Radorizh Smolany.

This is the second time we have taken part in the “It’s good to be a polyglot” workshops, which are organized by teachers from the Wladyslaw Tatarkiewicz School Complex in Radorizh Smolany, in the Radorizh Smolany district. They are aimed at promoting foreign languages,” says the Dean of the Department of English Philology, Dr. Przemysław Terejko, professor at VPU.

The Academy’s lecturers and its students told the students why knowing foreign languages is useful in life. AWP students from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Egypt and India also spoke about the culture of their countries, which was met with great curiosity by the students in Radorizh.

Such meetings are a great initiative. The students received us very enthusiastically, asked a lot of questions in English, which was also a very good practical exercise for them,”

says Przemyslaw Terejko.

VPU students answered questions about their life in Poland, studying here, they were also asked about the conditions in the dormitories and the pleasant, but also unpleasant situations they encountered in our country

In turn, students from Radorizh talked about their school, musical passions and interests. At the end of the meeting there were still joint photos and a lot of private conversations.

– It was a very successful trip for both sides. If we are invited next year, we will definitely come,”

quips Dr. Terejko.

These words are confirmed by the students of our University who participated in the event.

– It was really a wonderful trip, an experience that everyone should experience. We exchanged information about our cultures, met MMA fighting champion Sebastian at the school. I’m already looking forward to the next such trip,”

says Kudzai Chaparapata.

Another student, adds:

We experienced different cultures. Regardless of our nationalities, here we felt like one big family in one country and that was wonderful. We also talked about accommodations and exchanged experiences. It was an interesting experience, they will probably attend such a meeting again,”

said Edna Carere.
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