November 17 International Students’ Day. Best wishes!

Not everyone knows that on November 17 students from all over the world celebrate their holiday. The authorities of Vincent Pol Univesity and the entire academic community join in this joyous celebration and wish all students to fulfill their dreams!

International Students’ Day is not a new holiday. It was established in 1941 in memory of the tragic events that took place in Prague in 1939. At the time, Czechoslovak students demonstrated in the streets their discontent and opposition to the aggression of the Third Reich. The demonstration was bloodily suppressed by the Nazis, and one student was killed.

Two years later, the International Council of Students came up with the initiative to establish November 17 as a day for students from around the world to emphasize their rights, multiculturalism and the role they play in society.

The importance of students is regularly emphasized by the authorities of Vincent Pol University. The university invites young people from different continents into its walls. Not only Poles get their education here. Among those studying at VPU are people from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, South Africa, Jordan, Norway, Turkey, Italy, Iran, Palestine, Vietnam, Spain, Syria, Israel, France or Mexico and Canada. The list is much longer, as students from more than 60 countries around the world study with us.

At the Vincent Pol University, they not only have the opportunity for practical preparation for their profession, but also the opportunity to develop their passions – be it music in the choir or sports during training under the watchful eye of professionals. The most talented ones can also count on scholarships.

The founder of the Vincent Pol University, its chancellor and president, Associate Professor Henryk Stefanek, regularly expresses satisfaction that VPU graduates do not feed into the ranks of the unemployed because the academy focuses on practical courses. In turn, the numerous foreign students who study within the Academy’s walls bring financial resources to the whole of Lublin

In a similar vein, the rector of the academy, Mariusz Korczynski, Ph.D., professor of VPU, stressed that the Academy’s graduates are valued by employers because they combine the practical knowledge gained here with theory. On the occasion of International Students’ Day, he sends warm wishes to all students.

– As the rector of the most internationalized university in Poland, I wish all the students of our Academy, both those from Poland and those who came to our university from abroad, as well as all the students in the world to obtain the professional competencies of their dreams. So that in the future they will be able to apply for their dream jobs in the not easy professional market,” says Rector Korczynski. He adds: – I wish you personal satisfaction and satisfaction with your studies at our university and with your stay in Poland. So that you can fulfill yourselves in every field, both personal and professional.

The entire community of Vincent Pol University wants to wish all the best to our international students!

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