VPU Team scores a victory in basketball championship

On a Sunday afternoon at the hall on Chodźki Street, emotions reached their peak. The student team of Vincent Pol University defeated the opponents from the WSEI and WARSAW PACERS teams, winning the basketball competition. The event is organized by the students themselves.

This was already the third edition of our friendly tournament. This year, we invited a team from Warsaw to participate

says Dawid Markowski, a physical education student at VPU who plays in the academic basketball team alongside English-speaking students.

The goal of the tournament? Combining a passion for basketball with the need for integration with international students studying in Lublin. And this goal was successfully achieved.

We organized this event in a fairly short time, and we are very pleased with the large number of fans who cheered on their teams. These matches provide an opportunity to meet and integrate our students, especially those who are English-speaking

adds Dawid Markowski.

His teammate, Ogonna Victor Eizogu from Nigeria, a 6th-semester physiotherapy student at Vincent Pol University, was extremely impressed.

It was a breathtaking event, a very pleasant experience. Many people came to support us. We defeated players from Warsaw and WSEI, so I want to shout out to all my teammates that I appreciate them very much, I appreciate our fans. Thank you all

says Ogonna Victor Eizogu.

In his opinion, Vincent Pol University is an excellent university.

On the day of our matches, the university opened a new building. I hope you will bring your siblings, children, friends, and anyone who wishes us well to join our University

encourages Ogonna Victor Eizogu.

I would like to thank my university for giving us the opportunity to develop our passions, such as basketball. AWP offers us better conditions, great coaches, and gym sessions. This university is the best. I want to thank them for that

concludes Tatena Mzondwo.

The Sunday matches were won by the LUBLIN VPU team. Congratulations!


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