Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences with an award from Ministry of Health

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at AWP Receives Award from the Minister

Klaudia Jakubowska, Ph.D. in health sciences and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Vincent Pol University with a specialization in nursing, has been awarded the title “Specialist 2022” for her outstanding results in the specialization examination. This recognition is granted by the Ministry of Health.

“I’m very pleased that for the first time, within the ‘Specialist of the Year’ event, nurses and midwives have been acknowledged. This is an extremely valuable recognition for our professional group and undoubtedly serves as motivation for continuous education and the enhancement of our competencies,”

says Dr. Klaudia Jakubowska.

Dr. Jakubowska received congratulations for achieving the highest score in the State Specialization Examination in surgical nursing in 2022.

The award ceremony took place on October 21 at the Teaching Center of the Warsaw Medical University. Letters of congratulations were presented to the awardees by Piotr Bromber, Deputy Minister of Health, and Mariola Łodzińska, President of the Supreme Council of Nurses and Midwives. According to the ministry, the award for the highest exam results was granted to 159 physicians, 1 pharmacist, 8 laboratory diagnosticians, 26 specialists in health-related fields, and 103 nurses and midwives nationwide.

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