The VPU student choir sings for God

They came from distant Africa to study right here at Vincent Pol University in Lublin. They are united not only by their studies but also by their passion for singing. Meet the VPU student choir which performed during the mass inaugurating the new academic year at our university.

The choir consists of 8 people: Victor T. Mangowani, Johannes Mutakati, Decent Chambwera, Tinashe Ngwenya, Nyengeteraishe N. Maphosa, Mutsawashe Chido Nyashanu, Valentine B. Mpofu, and Anesu Muyengwa.

Most of them are studying nursing at Vincent Pol University. They came to Poland almost two years ago. They describe themselves as a group of worshipers belonging to the Calvary Apostolic Church in Lublin who love singing for God.

“We have been singing together for a long time. We all go to the same church and we have performed in some gospel concerts in Lublin and Poland,”

says one of the students singing in the choir, Johannes Mutakati.

Johannes Mutakati and his friends are impressed by the atmosphere at VPU and the lecturers who work here.

“We love VPU and choosing VPU was the best decision. It is an institution we strongly believe it affords students to realize their professional goals and develop their passion. VPU is goal-oriented and full of loving and knowledgeable lecturers,”

Johannes Mutakati adds.

The choir’s performance could have been seen during the Sunday mass at the Church of St. Andrzej Bobola on the occasion of the inauguration of the academic year 2023/2024 at AWP. Watch the video to see how our students presented themselves.

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