Yehor, Yuliia, and Sofiia received the Vincent Pol Scholarship

Three students from Vincent Pol University took part in the university’s competition and won scholarships. Thanks to this, they will receive a discount on tuition fees in the second semester of their studies, and the winner will be completely exempt from the fee.

The aim of the “Vincent Pol Scholarship” competition was to support talented international candidates applying for admission to studies at VPU by exempting them from tuition fees either fully or partially during the second semester of their first year of study.

One of the competition’s requirements was to provide documents confirming the candidate’s achievements in sports, academics, arts, and their social involvement when applying for studies. In the creative part of the competition, candidates were asked to present material related to the theme “I Choose to Study in Poland!” prepared in Polish. This could be a video recording, a song, a presentation, an essay, a poem, or even a drawing.

The results are as follows:

1st place was taken by Yehor Anikin, who received a 100% discount on tuition fees for the second semester.

2nd place was secured by Yuliia Nynyk, who received a 50% discount on tuition fees for the second semester.

3rd place went to Sofiia Sandulenko, who received a 30% discount on tuition fees for the second semester.

Sofiia Sandulenko is studying tourism and recreation at VPU and submitted a video in which she showcased her dance. Yuliia Nynyk, a current student of English philology at VPU, chose to write an essay.

“I wrote an essay about why I want to study in Poland. It was challenging, but now I am very happy,”

Yuliia Nynyk said after the results were announced.

Yehor Anikin, the competition’s winner, who is studying tourism and recreation at our university, submitted a video about his sporting achievements.

“I saw information about the competition and decided to participate. I recorded a video about my sports achievements. I am surprised that I won; it was very unexpected. I want to thank Vincent Pol University for this,”

emphasized Yehor Anikin.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients, and we wish them a productive academic journey at our Academy!

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