Career Day with Vincent Pol University Once again

Vincent Pol University staff visited the premises of the School Complex No. 5 named after Pope John Paul II as part of their Career Day event.

The School Complex No. 5 on Elsner Street includes a Hotel and Catering Technical School, a First-Degree Vocational Catering School, and the XXIV General Secondary School. This institution regularly organizes Career Day events on its premises and invites universities from Lublin to present their offerings to the students.

Vincent Pol University staff also encouraged young people to consider studying at our university, especially since in our Tourism and Recreation program, they can continue to pursue and develop their passions in an industry whose fundamentals they are currently learning in high school. However, our university offers a wide range of programs, so students were inquiring about other fields and career paths as well.

“Our booth receives a lot of interest, particularly for our programs like cosmetology, physiotherapy, nursing, economics, and physical education. Our new program, dietetics, has generated significant interest. We warmly invite everyone to explore our offerings of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as postgraduate studies,”

encourages Marzena Kuwałek-Barszcz from the VPU Admissions Office.
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