Academic Physiotherapy Centre. Professional treatments and skills development

The Academic Physiotherapy Centre at Vincent Pol University in Lublin provides comprehensive and professional physiotherapy treatments for adults. The specialists employed there help to restore the physical fitness of patients. What’s more, at the Centre our students have the opportunity to develop their practical skills.

Sergio, a physiotherapy student from Spain, came to VPU as part of the Erasmus+ programme. He is doing his internship and training at the Academic Centre under the guidance of professionals.

‘I highly recommend this place. Treatments are individually tailored to the patient, and you can see the differences between the physiotherapeutic approach in Poland and Spain. I warmly recommend Poland, I recommend the Academic Physiotherapy Centre, as well as Vincent Pol University,’ Sergio says.

At the Physiotherapy Centre, students at our University have direct contact with patients, which allows them to develop their manual and technical skills. They can learn a variety of massage techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment. The skills acquired in this way are extremely useful for their future careers.

‘It seems to me that students from abroad come to us because Poland is an attractive place for them. They like the qualities of our country, including its affordable prices and ease of communication. For example, Turks and Poles get along very well,’ says Małgorzata Tandos, head of the VPU Academic Physiotherapy Centre. And she invites all patients to the Centre for treatments.

The centre has state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics and rehabilitation of the whole body and has a contract with the National Health Fund.

Academic Physiotherapy Centre, Rehabilitation Clinic National Health Fund 31 Chodźki Street, Lublin

Registration is open every day from Monday to Friday at:.
Monday-Tuesday 12:00-18:00 Wednesday-Friday 12:00-15:00
phone: 695 929 700, (81) 469 17 12
Physiotherapy treatments are provided:
Monday-Friday 8:00-19:30

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