Tourism and Hospitality students explored the charms of the ‘Tourism Triangle’

Tourism and Hospitality students at Vincent Pol University swapped lecture theatres for field exercises. They visited Kazimierz Dolny, Nałęczów, Puławy and the Małopolski Przełom Wisły to practise the skills needed in the work of a guide and tour leader.

A field exercise in sightseeing took place last Friday and Saturday.

The aim of such classes is to develop the ability to present messages and communicate them to a group, which is an essential element of tourist guiding and tour guiding,’ explains Dr Andrzej Pawłowski, VPU professor, lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality at our University.

During the exercises, the students were asked to prepare a short presentation about the sites or tourist attractions according to the selected topics. These ranged from historical outlines of towns and cities to descriptions of historical monuments and characteristics of landscapes. In this way, the students were able to deepen their knowledge of unusual places in the Lublin region.

I am really amazed that I had the opportunity to see these places for the first time, even though I come from Lublin. It is a great pleasure for me. I imagine that for students from outside Poland, such a trip would be even more exciting,’ said one Tourism and Hospitality student.

Thanks to such practical activities, students not only deepened their knowledge, but also gained valuable skills in presenting information and working in a group. It was a great opportunity to develop as a tourist guide and tour leader.

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