Academic Promotion of Our Lecturer

Maria Belcarz – Ciuraj, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Vincent Pol University, has obtained a Ph.D. in health sciences.

Maria Belcarz – Ciuraj defended her PhD dissertation at the Medical University of Łódź.

“I wrote my dissertation on surgical site infections. I investigated the factors that influence the occurrence of surgical site infections in patients after surgeries,”

explains PhD Belcarz – Ciuraj.

“My academic advancement is associated with greater developmental and scientific opportunities, and it will undoubtedly have an impact on the better education of our students,”

she adds.

Congratulations to PhD. Belcarz – Ciuraj were extended by the Rector of Vincent Pol University, Habilitated Doctor Mariusz Korczyński, Prof. VPU.

“I warmly congratulate you and am very pleased with your promotion. It is also an honor for our university that you pursued this doctorate while working at VPU, and I believe this is just the beginning for you,”

emphasizes the rector.
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