At VPU, you can take a Polish language course as a foreign language

Vincent Pol University is one of the centers in Poland where courses in Polish as a foreign language are conducted. We discuss how this works in practice with Katarzyna Dejnek-Kobylas, who coordinates the work of the Examination Center at VPU.

Individuals interested in such a course can take advantage of classes on various topics at all levels of advancement, which prepare candidates for state and medical examinations. VPU also organizes a B1 course with an exam confirming knowledge of the Polish language required to obtain a long-term resident permit in the European Union.

Courses at VPU are conducted by a qualified faculty of academic teachers who are examiners for state exams and experienced specialists who prepare doctors for the Polish language exam conducted by the Supreme Medical Chamber.

Where should one apply for the course, and within what timeframe?

KD: – You should fill out the application form on the website – The state certification examinations in Polish as a foreign language – AWP w Lublinie (vpu.edu.pl) or send an email to one of the addresses osrodekjpjo@pol.edu.pl or awp.jpjo@gmail.com. You can also call at +48 663 558 100. We have ongoing recruitment. The start date of the course depends on the number of applications at any given time. We keep interested individuals informed continuously.

For whom is this course intended?

KD: – The courses are intended for all those willing to learn the Polish language. We offer general courses preparing for exams and medical language courses for medical majors and healthcare workers.

What does it look like from a practical standpoint?

KD: – The courses are based on teaching programs in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages by the Council of Europe. In the case of medical courses, the program is based on medical topics and the structure of the examination of the Supreme Medical Chamber.

What does receiving the certificate entitle you to?

KD: – The B1 state certificate entitles you to obtain permanent residence in Poland, apply for citizenship, and is also required for working in Poland, for example. The Chamber of Nurses and Midwives requires a B1 level from nurses and midwives to practice in our country. The B2 state exam entitles you to study in Polish at Polish universities. The C1 state exam entitles you to study in Polish for free at public Polish universities. On the other hand, the certificate from the Supreme Medical Chamber entitles doctors and dentists to work in the Polish healthcare system.

How long is such a certificate valid?

KD: – State certificates are valid indefinitely and recognized worldwide.

Interview by Natalia Derlukiewicz

More details HERE:

The state certification examinations in Polish as a foreign language – AWP w Lublinie (vpu.edu.pl)

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