Anastasia Reutova, VPU student, triumphs in strength sports: “You need to have a goal and strive for it”

Anastasia Reutova, a first-year Physiotherapy student at Vincent Pol University, boasts impressive sporting achievements. Among other things, she told us how she manages to combine her passion for sport with her studies and where to start her sporting career.

She won 1st place at the Academic Rowing Ergometer Championships. Her career also boasts a victory in the World Cup in powerlifting triathlon and two gold medals in powerlifting biceps, won at the Academic Championships of the Lublin Voivodeship. During the last competition, she achieved a result of 360 kg, which allowed her to take sixth place in the general classification in the 69 kg weight category. In addition, she came second in the University Type classification.

You train powerlifting. How did you develop an interest in this particular sport?

I’ve tried many different activities, my life in general is very active. While doing various sporting activities, I discovered that I liked weightlifting the most. I would like to develop in this discipline.

Where does such a petite woman get so much strength to lift weights?

It is untrue when someone says that women are the weaker sex. We are not weak at all. The most important thing is to focus on your goal and work towards it. Diet plays a key role in this and achieving success requires both mental and physical strength.

You have a lot of professional success to your credit. Which of the titles you have won is the most important for you?

Each title has its own significance, and there are valuable lessons to be learned from each competition. Each of these competitions has been extraordinary however, I believe it is all still to come. My goal is to get to an International Powerlifting Federation competition and there I would like to achieve an impressive result. The minimum total score to compete in Europe is 400 kilograms. My goal is not only to participate in these competitions, but also to compete on the world stage.

How do you prepare for a competition – is it strength training, or do you also need to prepare your psyche properly?

Strength preparation is not everything – proper recovery, nutrition and, of course, your attitude are equally important. Self-belief is crucial, even if your body is ready for the challenge, you won’t lift the weight without the right mental approach. Support from loved ones and fighting with yourself are integral to this process. Striving to be a better version of myself than I have been in the past – this is my motto. I don’t compare myself to others or look at what they are achieving. I focus solely on my own achievements. Self-belief is my main support. It is important not to give up. Equally important is the support from coaches and loved ones. A supportive audience also gives me extra motivation.

You are studying physiotherapy. How do you manage to combine competing, training and studying?

Sometimes it’s difficult, especially when you spend all day at university. After such an intense day, even the thought of training can seem overwhelming, especially when you are already tired after classes. Even just attending lectures can be exhausting. Nevertheless, training is a priority for me, so I always try to make time for it.

How has your character changed since you started training?

My character has changed significantly – I have become much more confident, I make decisions more easily and I feel more independent. I don’t pay attention to the opinions of others, I focus solely on myself and my work. Sport significantly boosts my self-esteem.

What would you recommend to people who want to start a sporting career, where do you start?

The most important thing is to start doing something at all, don’t be afraid to try new activities. That way you can find your calling and fulfilment. You can’t be lazy either. Discipline is very important because motivation can be temporary. I personally record content for social media to motivate others, but I know that this motivation can fade after a while. Without the right discipline, no results will be achieved.

Inverviewed by: Anastazja Sulina

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