Joanna Piechowska: Midwives accompany people in the most beautiful moments of life

Who will find themselves studying Midwifery and working as a midwife? What does such a job entail? Joanna Piechowska, PhD, the Head of Department of Obstetrics, tells us all about it on Midwifery Day.

Vincent Pol University offers midwifery studies. To whom would you recommend such studies?

Midwifery is actually the oldest profession in the world. The midwife’s main duties include caring for women at every stage of life. It is a profession for people who value independence on the job, who want to work with another person, accompanying them through the most important moments of their life.

What do you enjoy most about being a midwife?

The work of a midwife provides wonderful moments each day, whether working in a hospital on the miracle of birth or working with students. The midwife in her work is often a mentor and is met with gratitude from patients for her help, education or emotional support. Thanks to the wonderful people you meet on your professional path, you often make lifelong friends.

Surely there are also difficult moments, what should an employee entering this profession be prepared for?

We are often faced with the need to support patients in difficult situations. It is important to remember that this profession is not only about the miracle of birth, but also about many stories of failure in procreation, gynaecological diseases or working with patients at a time when there is a risk of sudden deterioration in health or even death. In my professional work, the most difficult moment was a conversation with a patient in an advanced twin pregnancy when she found out that there was no fetal pulse.

What qualities should a midwife have?

The midwifery profession requires specific skills and aptitudes. A future midwifery graduate is someone who is warm-hearted, open to working with other people, caring and good at handling situations that require quick decision-making.

Is it a profession for women only?

The profession is for both men and women. More and more men are choosing to study in this direction, and they are very welcome in the work team. They are excellent at caring for women of all ages.

Interviewed by Edyta Pać

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