Next Polish language exams behind us

64 people from different countries and with different backgrounds applied for the Certificate at the Polish as a Foreign Language Examination Centre at Vincent Pol University in Lublin. They faced the written part on Saturday and the oral exam on Sunday.

Thirty-seven candidates took the B1 level exam and 27 took the C1 level exam. Such an exam is not only a test of language skills, but above all a symbolic step towards new opportunities.

“I came to Poland to study psychology. I completed a one-year zero language course in Polish at Vincent Pol University and I found it to be an extremely important experience. It not only helped me to master the Polish language, but also to explore the culture of the country,” said course participant Sofia.

Maria, who comes from Ukraine and studies at a Polish technical school, also took the exam. She has been living in Poland for four years. – I am taking the C1 exam because I want to test my level of Polish, but just for myself. I plan to study Management in the future,” commented Maria.

With each edition, the Polish language course is becoming more and more popular.

“I think that the demand for Polish language certification is constantly growing. Our team is constantly growing and our capacity allows us to accept new applicants. They are people of different ages who have their own ambitions. In general, we invite all those willing to participate,” concludes Katarzyna Dejnek-Kobylas, head of the Polish as a Foreign Language Examination Centre at VPU.

In order to sign up for the course, one needs to fill in an application form available on the VPU’s website or send an e-mail to one of the following addresses: osrodekjpjo@pol.edu.pl lub awp.jpjo@gmail.com. It is also possible to contact us by telephone at 663 558 100.

State certificates issued after passing the exam are valid indefinitely and recognised worldwide.

The centre will continue to recruit for the next editions of the courses:

22-23 June 2024 (Saturday-Sunday): levels B1 and B2 in a group adapted to adults, and B1 and B2 in a group adapted to children and young people.
16-17 November 2024 (Saturday – Sunday): levels B1, C1 and C2 in a group adapted to adults.

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